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Curie versus Chemistry

R 210

The Hero Highlight was designed to Highlight the Hero in YOU! Our dual use highlighter can be used to enhance the high points of the face such as the cheekbones, cupids bow, or brow bone or can even be used as a beautiful eye shadow.

Curie versus Chemistry is a lighter colour with a pink undertone. People with paler skin or people with a blue undertone in their skin, would suit this colour perfectly as the pink would warm up the blue undertones.

Why the name?

Curie versus Chemistry is named after Polish scientist, Marie Curie who made a profound mark on the world we live in today. Curie discovered Radium which opened up a lot of doors especially in the medical field. Radium is used today to provide radiation to cancer patients, and if you have ever received and X-ray, you can thank Marie Curie. Thanks girl!

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