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Welcome to Maria Cosmetics

Hey girl!

Thanks for visiting our site!

Maria Cosmetics is all about empowering women and celebrating strong female icons. Like Amelia Earhart, Madonna and of course, you! 

I am totally commited to making each product top quality so you can feel like the super woman you are when wearing it.

Why we exist

When my mother passed away from cancer, I soon realised that even though she was a 49 year old woman, she was still uninformed about her body and the working thereof. I saw how women wached thousands of YouTube videos on how to do their own makeup, but never watched a video on how to do a self breast examination correctly. 

I wanted to create a brand where I could bridge the gap between education & beauty. And here we are! At Maria Cosmetics I strive to educate on all things female - not just female health. 

So have fun looking around the site and learning while you do so.


Why Maria?

Maria is a beloved family name that has been with us for generations. My great-grandmother was Maria, my grandma Mariana and my mother Marietjie. These are all variations of the name Maria. Since I don’t have any children yet, I decided to name my business Maria. After all, this business has become like a child to me. And in case you were wondering, my name is Andrea - pleased to meet you!