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Welcome to Maria Cosmetics

We believe that makeup is about more than just looking beautiful. We see it as a tonic, a symbol of hope, your armour against life. Even on those days when you feel you are falling apart inside, a bright pop of lipstick or a spritz of perfume can instantly make you feel like everything’s going to be okay.

Maria Cosmetics is all about empowering women and celebrating strong female icons. We bring you top quality, affordable and cruelty-free & vegan beauty products to help you look and feel amazing, and play around with your look.

“Makeup is your war paint!”

~ Andrea Hurter, Maria Cosmetics Founder 

Meet Andrea 


Andrea Hurter is a makeup artist who has been transforming looks since she was 16 years old, when her mother, Marietjie, first started taking her along to shoots and weddings in 2009.

“My mother was practising as a makeup artist for many years and I used to love watching her work, seeing the power of makeup in bringing joy to someone’s life. During her battle with cancer, on those days when she must’ve felt incredibly low, when she lost her hair, she could still rely on a bright red lipstick to make her feel feminine and beautiful.

After finishing my studies in drama and thereafter journalism, my mother passed away and I had no-one to assist on weddings and shoots anymore. I desperately missed making women feel beautiful and decided to start up my own makeup business practising as a professional makeup artist – which I’ve been doing successfully since 2016. What’s more, I wanted to give women a tool to empower themselves and lipstick was the first thing that came to mind. As Coco Chanel once said: ‘If you feel sad, add more lipstick and attack.’

I hope to add more ‘war paint’ and empowering tools to my collection in the future to help anyone play beautifully and feel ready to face anything. 


Why Maria?

Maria is a beloved family name that has been with us for generations. My great-grandmother was Maria, my grandma Mariana and my mother Marietjie. These are all variations of the name Maria. Since I don’t have any children yet, I decided to name my business Maria. After all, this business has become like a child to me.”